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Td6 skid shovel progress

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Had some time to work on the 6 today...installed new used valve. Replaced broken flared line with one off the parts machine and swapped out the oil return pipe from the valve to the tank. To my surprise the machine started instantly on diesel.  And we have bucket hydraulics !!! Small leak from right lift cylinder and some rust spots  on bucket  cylinder. Not to worried as I have the pistons from the doner machine. 

So engine is good...hydraulics seem ok. Next order  of business  is freeing up the stuck main clutch and shift lever. The lever in the parts machine shifts through all gears and the tranny shaft is turning when you pull the machine around. The tracks freed up while I was moving it with the 336....the red machine, the shifter moves right and left but will not budge at all forward or back.  I'm assuming top cover and shifter has to come out for this ?  Could it be a problem with shift lever or is it more likely the gears are not sliding in the tranny. Only one picture today but it was nice to see something move after its long nap.


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those sprockets from your parts machine look much better than yours, your machine ones are not even 50%, you will be ready to shave with them shortly, LOL

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Was a long boring winter  but back to the td6.  Removed clutch cover and pulled the rats nest out. Lubed everything and the dam thing released ! On to the frozen shift lever.  Removed cover and found this..... cleaned shift mechanism and replaced worn parts with pieces from the parts machine. Freed tranny gears and everything slides like it should.  Tomorrow I'll drain it and flush it then reassemble.   Next will be steering clutches .20230521_140415.thumb.jpg.461f8bb6ca4537f47da7fea99d069ea9.jpg20230521_141148.thumb.jpg.975314fe4f64edb56056b4aff95c4404.jpg20230521_160044.thumb.jpg.46838a9070e3e1928349ec46edaab533.jpg20230521_160051.thumb.jpg.c665b7cc0dcc425f20324ee684a808f4.jpg

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