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Td6 skid shovel progress

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I have never tried to put more GPM through a control valve than they are rated for but think you pump would be closer to 50 than 25. Ok went back and looked at your pictures again and the rams are smaller than I remembered, so a good chance it could be just fine.


Playing with pumps and valves I had or got out of a junkyard cheap, I learned 30 or 40% less flow makes a world of difference all in a bad way.

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I've got parts!!! 

Took a ride to check out the machine and the valve looked good  but couldn't find the pump in the parts pile but he thinks he has it so I made an offer. He agreed so I filled my civic with as many parts as I could.  Bottom is ehh....   Pads are worn. Rails are thin but bushings still round. Sprockets, idlers and rollers looked ok.  Looking at what's left of the machine I'm pretty sure the f250 and 5 ton trailer will work. He said it rolled onto the trailer last year no problem and it was covered with a tarp.  So now between the 2 of them im hoping I will be good for everything I need. 













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Oil pan, valve cover, fan in the back seat...lol

The pin bosses aren't marked so that's a good sign on the rollers 😊

Honda will need to rename their interior color, PA dust

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You can tell we are getting old covering tracks of iron buying, when we were younger there would have been different smells to worry about 😳

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I don't know about those two parts, but the wrench looks like it would be for the track adjustment, you could slip a pipe on it for more leverage. The problem with that type of adjustment is from non use, then everything gets rust. Nice to find all of those goodies.


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On 8/8/2022 at 8:46 AM, brian falcone said:

Ok...going through the loose parts...what are the 2 rectangle parts on the bottom ? Are they the floor boards that go by each brake pedal ? Also is that the wrench the dealer supplied to tighten the tracks?


Floor boards IIRC

Later - I don't remember that tab towards the back on ours, I think they had a bolt through thye side skirts

And the spanner is probably for track adjusting but it doesn't look like the IH one that came with ours

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