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Odd rice combine image. Identify?


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It rained yesterday so I'm slowed down and was reading my rice farming magazine. I noticed this combine image with an odd combine for rice country.

It's a smaller jd combine of 'modern' vintage. Notice the unloading auger, it appears fixed. It has tracks but no mud hog.  The black all over the back is shut, a rice disease discussed in the article.


Also notice the smallish tractor pulling up with an unseen grain cart.. it's a Massey 4x4.

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken at a Louisiana research farm.

So can anyone identify the combine?

BTW I'm pretty sure the rice research station in Stuttgart Arkansas has a 1620 rice special. Probably the only one built.



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It’s probably an JD European combine. They never went to the engine up front offset cab design overseas and I know JD imported them into the US and Canada.


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That's what I was thinking but I've never seen one.

I didn't get a brochure for one when I was looking for a 1460 back in the 90s.

And notice the down rice.


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I have a brochure for the 4435.  Before that they had the 4425 which replaced the 4420.  The 4425/35 basically is what the Maximizer series turn out to be.  I know that's obvious to say looking at the outside of the combine but inside they were also like the later Maximizers.  

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