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Farmall Super MD Hard Start: Fuel Not Shutting Off

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My SMD has been hard to start since I bought it. Rebuilt the carb and changed plugs, helped quite a bit. Re-timed the distributor and changed points and condenser, helped quite a bit. But it still cranks for quite a bit until it hits enough to stay running. It smokes quite a bit until it runs for a few seconds. I thought it was flooding the engine with gas but I think it's pumping diesel. With the lever in the off position and the main tank off the water trap will start to empty while running on gas. The throttle in the off position pushes on the pump arm so I don't know if something is out of adjustment internally or what.

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the fuel line needs to be open,gauge on pump should be centered while on gas.

yes you could need adjustment for wear

confirm for valve or water issues (std)

from there it is a (china ) spark,flipper or (china) gas issue

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Field adjustment of fuel shutoff requires a spare nozzle. Trying to do it just by removing an injection line or cracking a bleed screw will be misleading. Action of delivery valves will make it appear it is pumping fuel when it is not.

First with lever in full shut off. Adjust shut off stop screw to 1/32-3/32 clearance to housing.  Next remove one injection line and connect to spare nozzle. Start on gasoline. Turn nut on end of control rack 1/4 turn at a time until fuel just stops. Then 1-1/2 turns in same direction for positive shut off. Do not run more than 10 minutes on gas.

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