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International 460 utility electrical


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I'm in the process of rewiring my 460 and switching from a 12 volt generator to an alternator. Alternator is in. Jumper from positive to terminal 1 and 4g ran from positive will go to the positive on the starter and then to the battery. The ignition was changed before I got it. They left me a rats nest of wires. Several are not connected to anything. Marked with a circle and slash. Unknowns with a (?). I'm looking to remove the voltage regulator and get things right and tight. I'm mechanically inclined but electrical isn't my best. Trying to figure out what to eliminate and what I should be adding.



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Additional information.

I got a new set of gauges. They all have a male terminal on the back that the originals do not have. I'm guessing they are a (+) contact to light them up. 

There are no lights on it currently. Will be installing some in the future.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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If it was me and I was doing it I don't know what type of alternator you got but id get a one wire and go this route, I know its a kinda pricey but its that time of year when you need it so this will cut your time down more than half trying to build your own harness and your not cutting splicing old wires that could fall apart before the end of summer plus it looks that this harness is labeled to what goes where so again you don't have to play the guessing game


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