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Daily bot notifications that don't have a challenge and break

Matt Kirsch

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Once a day now, I get a notification that the site thinks I may be a bot, and to answer the challenge at the bottom.

I understand the need and purpose for them. I'm in IT and I know the damage that bots can do.

HOWEVER, the challenge is broken. When the page first loads, there's no challenge to answer. I have to reload to get the challenge, a 5-character code buried in a design.

When I answer the challenge, the forum page fails to load, and won't load no matter how many times I hit reload page. I have to go to my bookmark to get the forum page to load.

It's a minor annoyance I guess, but if people don't report problems they never get fixed, right?

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I updated the CAPTCHA. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 

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