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Saw this


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Kinda hard to tell on my phone.

If so, wonderful idea.

I know whenever we host a family gathering, the little tricycle motors scatter like a covey of quail ahead of a German Shorthair.

They will light on every old tractor, pickup, truck, or piece of machinery.

They will come to the house at dark with a bit of grease, oil, oxidized paint, cow poo and that telltale steering wheel black on their little hands. (If they steer a little faster and harder, it will take off and go) and by some of the sounds they make, you'd think they got it to run😄


And they will sleep well on the way home😇

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9 hours ago, sandhiller said:

And they will sleep well on the way home😇

And if you left the keys in them, they will all be on, with dead batteries the next time you need them.:o

Or the headlights will be left on with the same result.


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