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7220 Remote flow issue

ole 815

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Last fall noticed when I tried to fold disk wing, quit working. Figured hose coupler or something.

#3 remote

Fast forward till today. (10th season with this tractor planter combo)#3 Can't get enough flow to run bulk fill fan on 1250 planter. Need 3000 rpm, will only do 2400rpm flow knob adjusted full flow.

For some reason won't work to have that on #1 to run bulk fill. When you do it won't let #2 raise planter.

Got it to work with bulk fill #2

Planter raise #1

Am I right thinking #3 has an issue in  remote valve under cab?






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Max. flow requirements for 1250 planter bulk fill is 13GPM....Classic Magnums should be able to flow 22GPM out one remote.

My first thought would be a broken, damaged flow control spring in #3 remote.

Using #1 remote on bulk fill is a no-no. The tractor's flow control is wide open, the planter's electronics/hydraulic valving determine the amount of oil needed. This, in effect, means that the #1 remote is never fully satisfied, so no oil goes on down to the #2/#3 remotes.

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Thanks for the replies. I hope I don't lose another remote. 

I will update when I get time to work on it.

Ground is shaping up fast. Planters are rolling!


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