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This is for Art From Coleman

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A FREE airshow, What hath God wrought?

I had NOT heard about this, since I doubt IF the food-mooching 'editor' of the USA Today owned Abilene Reporter 'news', would consider this 'newsworthy', that is, UNLESS they were offering FREE food.

A little side note about Food Mooch and his 'travels', a few years ago, he and his entourage went out to some 'festivities' in Big Lake, (perhaps the city was celebrating the appearance of water in the "big lake"), and he made several UN-flattering comments about the locals, the oilfield, and (I may have missed this) the lack of FREE food, but he WAS extremely upset about the 'ruralness', and the remoteness of the place from 'civilization'.  All in all, he was disappointed, perhaps because maybe the rainbow flag that he so proudly waves in Abilene, was "not respected", by the dyed in the mohair heathens.

I went to the 2018, maybe 2019 version, AND it was well worthwhile, and pretty well attended.

Got to see a B-1 flyby, (naturally, since they are based in YOUR front yard), a B-52 flyby, most likely out of Barksdale, AND a B-2 out of Whiteman (is that name politically correct in today's WOKE culture?).

Even the ground displays were muy excellente, a B-25 gunship, a C-130J from YOUR backyard, and, probably the most unusual, a Ford Trimotor, that was being used to give rides, around and over Abilene, at the bargain price of $75 per person.

What would be the determining factor, will be the temperature, NOT whether or not if it will rain, (those days are over), as the forecast for the days prior is 'predicting' temps in the 105-107 degree range.

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