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Had a great day Sunday

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Had two oldest make First Communion Sunday. Had a cook out then did some field work. ( just enjoying the day )    we had some drains I wanted to work up For the renter.  My boy is ten  decided to put him in control lol.    He done a fi e job 20220501_163656.thumb.jpg.553ed1ac436038f3625b9bb96b6d17f3.jpg20220501_163659.thumb.jpg.3c53da8291cdc798535844d28866968a.jpg20220501_163707.thumb.jpg.072db0d0cab1debb0d9f26013a05252d.jpg

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Why is that.

If you watch TV, which is supposed to be all digital, you see a lot of things that are backwards.

What is happening you,  "Tech Guys?

It's great to see you an Junior in the field together.

He will have a story to tell the boys in school Monday.

These are the moments that really count to a young boy!

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Posted (edited)

I did a selfie so that I could tell were I was pointing it lol.   Guess it reversed the pic. 

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If you look at others' selfies, they are always reversed.  The selfie camera is built that way although I would think they could easily program in a correction although I don't think many people even notice.

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