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UAW goes on strike at Magnum plant


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22 hours ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

Is that true that Cameron is run at least in part by inmates? If it is I have heard it all now. Is that why customers aren’t allowed to go there and pick up parts? I really dislike not being able to pick up parts there like I could in Kansas City. 

@Art From Coleman I would like to see your information on cameron inmate workers at the plant - I have 3 family members that are 2 correctional officers at Cameron another in maintenance. My oldest sister just retired from there in past 6 mos after a 30 yr stint there in HR.

My former BIL retired from there about 3 yrs ago, he was the highest rank officer there in his group. My middle sister quit after 10 or 12 yrs and went to Boheringer in St Joe.

So I have had 3 sisters 3 BILs that work there and of the 3 I talked to this morning after they got off their shifts ( group text ) and my youngest sister tells me this morning THE ONLY inmates they let out for working for anyone is for the CITY of CAMERON and they let 4 out/day as needed and sometimes a 5th to do manual labor for the city. THATS IT. 

She said of course someone could have been released from prison that once was in the cameron facilities and got hired on there but they would of course NOT be classified as an inmate or imprisoned anylonger. 

There is only ONE prison open in cameron now. Its MAX for one section and MEDIUM on the other area. These are not the typical people they would let out to go do something most will never get out in their lifetime that are MAX. 

I can provide way more info than any of you want to hear about that place I have listened to it for over 30yrs. I call BS on the inmate workers at CNH in cameron. 

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14 hours ago, 806 man said:

 Really don't think any MFG want steady parts supplies.  Lot of money being made from "supply chain shortage"  whether short or not. IMO  at this point all Bullsh3t

IMHO, there is something to that.


Another thing that comes to mind is that we sold 3-4 Quads a few years ago to mainly Deere customers. According to them, red Quads were $80-100K cheaper than a comparable Deere at the time. I'm sure it didn't take CNH long to figure that out, so CNH raised their price accordingly. In the meantime, Deere upped their price accordingly; now its time for CNH to raise their price. Its a vicious cycle....

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As to the comment above about Cat parts I can testify that it's completely true.I just got through this week with a 98 day rebuild of a 6NZ.Parts were almost nonexistent. I had to source at least 50% myself as Cat couldn't find them.No turbos,no cams,no rockers,no front covers,no injectors. I spent days on the phone calling dealers to find  this stuff. At least I still got my Cat warranty. Where did all the parts go? 

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