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So what was wrong with these points?


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20 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

My MIL has this Karmann Ghia, my wife drives it one or two days a year to keep her happy, otherwise I store it and siphon the gas out a couple times a year and run it in my lawnmower (to keep the tank full and the gas fresh). It is in front of a parts lawn tractor i have in the barn, needed to get it out today, it ran fine when i put it away in November, today not a fart. I messed with it, coil had output when I opened the points manually with a screwdriver, I cleaned the points up with 220 grit But no spark at the plugs. The cap had this nasty arcing but looked clean and new otherwise. I rummaged around in a box of parts looking for a used cap or anything and found a whole Bosch tuneup . Didn't have my feeler gauge set because I didn’t have my utility truck. I tried everything I could and put in all the parts except the points (because I didn’t have gauges) finally in desperation I pulled the perfectly fine looking set out and put in the new set by eyeball. It fired up in half a crank. Miserable POS. 








Made in china?

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35 minutes ago, 2+2love said:

Also that Bosch 009 mechanical advance distributor is junk. Any vacuum advance is better then that. 

This restoration was all about numbers matching original equipment, probably wouldn’t have mattered.

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2 hours ago, int 504 said:

That mechanical advance wasn't on a 72. Last one of those I saw was on a 36 hp 1200 pre fresh air.  

Couldn’t tell ya, not my area of interest… if you want to talk about a Saab 96, i can get into that! 

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Point contacts are not the same quality as before.

New points will oxidize over the winter and need to be cleaned to get it to start in the spring.

That is why I have an original IH set in my H.

They probably should be replaced but I will not.

I just file them lightly and keep running them.

Cleaning a set on a magneto is a real pain.

All because of a set of cheap Chinese points.

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On 5/2/2022 at 10:17 AM, vtfireman85 said:

Thats what threw me off and one of the reasons i was so resistant to changing them. I had a good steady light. 
conceivably my test light doesn’t draw enough power. 

Are you using an LED test light or incandescent test light?

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