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TD-9B Governor Issue

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I need some help in trouble shooting a governor issue on this old TD-9B.  I finally got this restoration project all back together but the governor does not kick-in when I hit a pile, the rpms go down.  When I reinstalled the motor, I timed the injector pump with the motor using a timing light connected to a dynamic pulsating meter mechanically clamped to #1 injector line and set at 38-degrees BTDC.  I am not sure how accurate this typing of timing is, since the pulse could be subjected as to where the device is clamped on the injector line (close to the injector, the pump, or mid-line).  It starts and runs, so I thought life was good.  I tried adjusting the torque & high idle screws and nothing changed.   I recently found in the manual where it states to “Static” time the motor and injector pump (didn’t see this before).  So, I brought #1 to TDC on compression stroke and at 38-degrees BTDC.  The manual then says to remove the inspection plate on the injector pump and align the “plus” sign on the governor shaft to the center of the inspection window.  This is where I need help in locating the “plus” sign.  This International TD-9B, (282) has a RD Injector Pump and I don’t know where to look for the plus sign.  I see only one shaft in the inspection port.  I removed the (3) bolts holding the locking ring on the front of the pump and then turned the shaft looking for the plus sign.  First, I assume what I am turning from the front of the pump is the governor shaft.  Second, I see what looks like a shaft with weights passing through the shaft that I am turning from the front.  The shaft that I am turning does not appear to run all the way through the window port, it stops at some sort of metering plate.  Is this where the plus sign should be (the end of the shaft at the metering plate?  This mystery has me baffled.  Am I looking in the right place?  Is the plus sign on the shaft that I am turning from the front cover of the pump, or is it on the shaft that the weights are on, which runs through the shaft I am tuning?  Should the shaft I am turning from the front also be turning beyond the metering plate.  Now also wondering if I have something not working inside the governor itself.  This has been a total restoration of this tractor (motor, transmission, steering clutches, etc.) and now I am stumped.  Any thoughts, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated


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The "+" or "." are on the shaft that the governor weights are on. One end will have these marks the other end will be smooth. It will only be visible through the timing hole for a very brief time. Get the timing marks on the pulley where it should be (38deg BTDC in your case) then the "+ or the dot" should be in the window, if not loosen the 3 bolts on the drive gear and use a 15/16" socket and ratchet to turn the pump until the mark in the timing window lines up. Be sure you're on #1 compression stroke and not #6 when you do this.

I'm thinking you might have other problems though. Sometimes the RD governors will stick at rated speed when they have a lot of hours on them......

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Thanks ST-470.  I will try what you have outlined this weekend.  However, I'm with you that I might have other problems.  What can be done if the governor is sticking?  We think the tractor is a 1968 model, so it has a lot of hours on it.  Had the injector pump reworked some time back but not the governor.

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