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5 hours ago, jimw said:

 Loaders have come a long way

I am not so sure when I see a brand new one with only one arm. They must have an old Ducati Engineer designing this crap.Maybe they are used for stock piling toilet paper??

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8 hours ago, jimw said:

 See this sold out in sandhillers country for about 12 1300 hundred. Wish I would of saw it before the auction. Kinda of a neat piece 



This looks like it might be related to an f20 I’ve seen on this site before. Maybe long lost brothers? What are your thoughts @sandhiller

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11 hours ago, IHKeith said:

I wonder if a guy who drove that could figure out a modern electronic shifter knob

Way higher tech than the team of horses it replaced. This one is pretty high tech. My favorite sweep was a 530 Case. Had a shuttle transmission. 3rd gear on the high side. Young kid who could handle the rough ride. I could keep up with Benj who was stacking hay with a reversed 656 hydro and wide Farmhand. 29 stacks was the record. 

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2 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

29 stacks was the record.

That is a good day. 

IIRC 27 was our biggest day. 

Always shot for 21 but if we hit 18, wasnt too upset.

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