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1206 power steering leak


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I have a 1206 that was leaking hydraulic oil from under the radiator on the left side of the tractor. With some quick research, and common things being common, I figured it must be the steel hydraulic line running under the rad. This is a new to me tractor and there was a good amount of sopping wet dirt and muck caked above the bolster. Tore it down today and pulled the rad and line after scraping the crud off. The line is clearly corroded and rusty, but I cannot find any obvious holes. I also am striking out on nailing down a part number for this line, I would think itd be interchangeable with many of the other 06/56 series tractors, although I have read that there were part number changes throughout. Any help, advice, or part number knowledge would be appreciated. S# 12151 S-Y

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If it's been buried in a pile of wet greasy crud and it's pitted and rusty, probably better to just replace it since you have it apart.

I did the front line on an 856 last year, it was about $95 for the line. Didn't have to remove the radiator but I did have to remove the rear saddle for the front end. Even that wasn't a big deal, but do make sure not to lose the wedge washers inside the frame rails, if someone hasn't lost them already. Mine were buried in oil soaked dirt.

The line comes apart inside the frame rail, right where the saddle mounts. Removing the saddle makes the job easy.

Old line was rusted off, came out in two pieces easy. Had to put a slight curve in the new line to feed it up under the radiator.

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