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American made tire suv tire preference?


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 Need to put tires on our suburban. 275/55/20.  Don’t go off road and very little gravel with it.  I am making up my mind now what to put on. I have looked at the cooper, Goodyear, Firestone , Bridgestone so on. I have kind of settled on Michelin or some better type. Have continental tires on now from factory they are okay but almost the same price as better named. What do you guys like for tires? No off road aggressive just a nice quiet hiway tire that handles snow and ice. 

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Here are what I have on now the continental. They have 47,000 and cupped a bit or they would go more. I have ran cooper tires on my pickup and they are okay and I might put those on. But if the Michelin are only 50 or so more a tire I might buy them.  There are other brands , Hercules are a cooper made , there’s a sumitomo , dunlop off brand falken that isn’t bad but they are all around 210 a piece. plus mounting.




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I put the BF Goodrich TA Advantage on my Silverado in the same size you need. Only have 1000 miles on them, but I am happy so far. They replaced the Goodyear Eagle's that came from the factory, they were bad on wet roads, but I did get 60k miles out of them.

Michelin LX is a good tire, it was my second choice.

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