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Bring on planting season!


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We just got back from Springfield, Illinois. Saw several making dust, at least going around some of the swamps. Most fields were dry enough they never went around any or made deep tracks. From Springfield to Decatur, I think I saw 6 planters going. Around lower Indiana, we should be planting rice. 

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10 hours ago, from H to 80 said:

How do you like the 6818, we ran one for several years, i liked the 10" spacing but they were a booger to grease or work on.

I like the planter, it was setup for ten inches until last year. This planter was one of the demo units at the Agco plant in Coldwater Ohio when they were developing it. The idea was to have one machine to plant your wheat, soybeans, and corn. The idea never really took off at that time.


We switched it to 15 inch rows(basically got rid of the middle row). Always liked the idea of ten inch rows,but with our soils, we would struggle getting good stands. This was because the way this planter would precisely plant each bean 3 inches apart.  The beans would struggle to get thru any crusting that may occur. By going to 15s, our beans placement in the furrows are closer, which seem to let the seed help each other out of ground.

And it is a lot easier to work on now! 

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