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Could use some prayers


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All is good now, but yesterday afternoon my great grandmother 87 years young, fell and broke her hip. She lives with my grandparents, (grandma is her daughter) and she fell when grandparents were away but she wasn’t alone very long. Ambulance came and did what they needed, x-ray showed hip broke because she twisted weird and it broke. It happed at the socket and is a spiral break. Late in the night she was transported to another hospital where they did the surgery early this morning. Surgeon was very good and surgery went very well. Therapy will start as soon as it can. Doctor says long journey of recovery but he is very optimistic and feels they gave here best chance on long term result. 

I was able to see her last night before they transported her, she seemed to be pretty good despite circumstances. She is a very strong woman. 

Just prayers for quick painless recovery and for our family. Seems God has been showing his hand.

Thank you in advance friends!!!

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Thank you all so much, my family and I really appreciate it! 

Perhaps its when you need prayers is when you realize how good of a forum Red Power is. I knew I could come here to ask for prayer.

Most recent update, about 20 minutes ago they got her up at the hospital and she made it to the chair and for breakfast. Grandma sent a picture and she looked good. Praise the Lord!!

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Praying for her 

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Wanted to give a little update: yesterday at noon they moved my great grandma back to our town to the local nursing home so she can have continuous care and rehab. She has not been in a nursing home before but what is good is my mom works there as the HR director so she will be there for great grandma. She was a little delayed coming home because up at the hospital her blood pressure was low and they had to give her blood. When she got to the nursing home yesterday they brought her in a non-emergent ambulance and mom said she looked good. Praying this next adjustment will go smoothly. 

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