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Farmall M Wiring

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The light switch or any other switch will work. Any terminal except the battery terminal and the one he's connected to now will work but it is hardly the thing to do. It would be another you had to do starting and stopping each time. Forgetting to turn on or off results in a dead battery. Forgetting to turn off with no resistor in line could ruin alternator.

When IH changed to the S10 in the 66 series they used a diode that just plugged in with standard packard connectors on the gas models. That is what I used in my conversions. I didn't mention it before because if still available. It is probably ridiculously priced. Bobcat used a small diode that was soldered and heat shrunk right in the wire. No idea if that's available or not either. Something similar should be available online for less than 10 bucks. I mentioned a minimum 30 volt rating. Actually that's hardly high enough. A booster type charger will put out 16 volts. If the rectifier leaks that would be 32 volt ac

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Thank you all for the replies. I have order this https://www.steinertractor.com/ABC533-Diode-with-2-Spade-Plug from Steiner Tractor Parts. I would have ordered the one from amazon but I didn't see the post until after I ordered it. I will let you know how it goes and I may have more questions in the future.

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