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71xx magnum hydraulic outlet troubles

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I replaced the cartridges in the valve housing, they are the newer style with a hex type internal end with a groove for the retaining spring lock to go. After getting them installed I went to hook an implement up to test them and the hoses would not plug in. They would Push in about an 1/8" or so and stop, after fussing with it for a while I finally got one of the hoses to plug in. I seen that a very small ring that went around the outside of the inner part of the cartridge had come off, I unplugged the hose and removed the ring and plugged it back in and worked like it should, I decided to remove the ring on the other cartridge and then the hose plugged on normally. My problem is, now, when the cylinder is fully retracted or extended and pressure comes up against it it blows the hose out of the housing. I am at a loss here. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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i had the same problem with A&I couplers i tried everything to get them to work, finally gave up and ordered a set from Hy Capacity and they work fine.

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