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TD6, D248 Engine needs help

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like Hardtail says, ag tractors like Farmall MD or International WD6.


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On 4/8/2022 at 1:07 AM, Papa Eli-53 said:

I have a 1951 IH TD6 Crawler with a D248 engine /3.875 Bore.

Need the following parts:

Pistons, Piston Ring set (std), Rod Bearings (std), Head gasket set, Oil Pan gasket.

Any idea where to find these parts???

Thanks for your help,

Papa Eli-53


Try here. Agkits | Tractor Parts, Tractor Manuals, Tractor & Truck Engine Kits - Search

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I did... They don't have pistons /3.875 Bore; All their rebuilt kits come with a 4.0 Bore.

Would a 4.0 piston /sleeve fit into my (D-248) block????

It looks like lots of work to change the sleeves. However, I will change them if is the only way to get the new pistons....

Thanks so much for all the great help....


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If you buy any parts use the ads in RPM and still ask alot of  questions  vs will fit and run a week china parts.

Many of the " complete" kits out there are SO bad "you" are responsible for sourcing the " not included " bearings

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