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Brady Boy

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6 hours ago, Red_Man said:

I had a place removed from my left arm the first week of February. They called me a week later and told me it was melanoma. Fast forward to March 3rd and they did surgery to go deeper and wider around the original margins as well as taking out 2 sentinel lymph nodes from my left arm pit. Got pathology report a week later and all was clear. Glad that they caught yours early!


WOW, looks like you got attacked by a bear.  My doctor has an in-house testing lab,so they just keep digging until they get good margins. Hang in there. BK

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18 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

Congrats on early diagnosis, speedy recovery for you. Speaking of riding, leaving next Tuesday for Phoenix to a bike rally. Be there 5 days and riding back. Hoping to not hit any icey or snowy roads 


Was in Sandpointe, a couple weeks ago for a gun show, out at the fairgrounds.  BK

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Oh wow uncle Billy😳.... really sorry to see that stuff going on..... might be time for that special tin foil hat to reflect the inbound interference 😜.... just kidding fella .... you make sure you rest and heal up real good ... all the best buddy 👍

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Glad you’re doing better, Bill. I’ve spent the last month pretty messed up myself. Had my intestines rearranged a month ago. Healing slow but everything is working. At least they found zero cancer!  Should be back to normal in another couple weeks. 


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