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1468 Restoration Underway - Fender back panel needed

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I am currently restoring a 1468 that I got from my uncle.  I am currently rebuilding the front axle and then getting ready for paint.

One Item I still need to find is the back piece of sheet metal in a 66 series fender.  I am hoping to find someone that has a junk 66 series fender that would sell me just the back piece to weld into my fender.  I know that from the factory it came as an assembly, but I have a great fender that is just missing that one piece.


Photo with the yellow circle is the piece I am looking for.


If you have one, my number is 812-298-4482 or email me at lgassert@garmong.net







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All it took to get it running were two new batteries.  I changed all the fluids and filters and she cranked right up.  Believe it or not, of the three tractors I have restored, this one is in excellent mechanical shape.  The TA is good, engine starts without either and all the parts are there.  The oil pan had a small crack around the drainplug, when I pulled the pan off to weld the crack, I noticed the cylinder walls still have cross hatching in them.

The tractor has 4,300 original hours.  When my uncle bought the tractor in the late 80's, it had just received a new engine.  I don't know how many hours are on the engine, but my uncle was a bus driver and only farmed about 80 acres, so I am guessing 2,000.

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That piece might be very hard to find. Have you checked with bone yards? Probably have to buy a fender. Could a piece be made or remove the one and make two that would match. Good luck.  By the way that is gonna be a sharp 1468 when your done. Keep pics coming

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Somewhere there is a roached out fender with that part in good shape yet, trouble is finding it 

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