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Dustless blasting is expensive up front and I don't feel it's as effective for doing what I do. Glass based media is great for paint removal but useless to remove corrosion or rust. Kinda expensive also. Granted the dust generated is a lot less but cleanup with a large shop, or truck mount vac is just like vacuuming your living room and not difficult. Most of the stuff I do will easily clean up and smooth out with a d/a sander due to a minor surface profile let behind that is very clean. 

If you look in the sale ads for blast equipment there is about a 5:1 disparity in the conventional vs dustless variety available; used. Lot's of young "starry eyed" guys go knee deep in debt to purchase these things to discover the job isn't as easy as the salesman let on. A few iterations of that and the equipment goes up for sale as a substantial loss to the seller ultimately. 

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Back on it's wheels again. I spaced the axle stubs into the tubes with .250" shoulder stickout to allow weld bead buildup and strength:




You know the saying about a job done right so I packed the bearings myself this time:


Getting close. All put back together and bolts cinched down. Getting ready to drop unit close to floor to hang tires. Here is weight on wheels:


Hitched up the truck and went down the road for a spell to wear things in. I then retorqued the lug nuts and calling it good. However, tiring of the "nose down" attitude of the compressor when pulled with my pickup, I decided to build this to elevate the tongue to level and it seems to work well:




Tomorrow I'll insert this tube into the larger tube for additional strength and cap the end closed:


I like it a lot better than the original:


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Going to finish up this thread with completion of this air compressor hitch weldment. All is fine and I stuffed another tube into the bottom tube for strength as it will bear most of the brunt of the pull. I did do the same to the vertical riser but did not photo that. I'm comfortable it will serve the purpose.

Double tube install:


Welded up solid and smoothed out both ends:


Used existing holes as pilots and the pins go right through:



Nice little project and I really enjoyed doing something for myself this time:


I'll blast this clean and get some paint on it the beginning of the week so it will stay somewhat rust free. It will only be used when I pull the air compressor but may find use on down the line when I build a heavier trailer. 

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