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544 restoration

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27 minutes ago, snoshoe said:

Thought of that as soon as I seen the picture. Mudfly accurately describes a 1066 I knew of. Was just a light bead to inside of wheel. To keep it from moving in. Snapped off going down the road. This being welded clear through should be more uniform. Further out for less stress but may be more prone to bend. Time and it's use will tell.

I think it would just crack off adjacent to the weld in the HAZ (Heat affected zone), but as long as there isn't much load out on the extension it might be ok.  The other thought is that since its welded thru, there was enough heat to anneal the axle.  Assuming those are case hardened, which would be why they crack once welded.  Time will tell.  I just mentioned it since I have read about cracked axles after welding several times.

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On 8/25/2023 at 7:54 AM, stronger800 said:

I like it.  Where’d you find the axle cutoffs? Or is that common round stock? (I don’t know the size of thise)

Cut off from a set of axles from a junk 656

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On 8/25/2023 at 8:02 AM, Mudfly said:

I believe there has been some cautions on here about welding on axles. I think it involved people tack welding their wheel centers in place and then the axle cracked and snapped off right adjacent to the weld.  Looks like your dual hubs are mostly on the original axle, but I'd be cautious with overloading those.  Not saying your welds are bad, just axles seem prone to cracking after welding.


The axle extensions are just for past the clamps, the dual hubs will be bolted to the original axles, and the extensions are welded just enough that there there for looks only, didn't get real hot, and the welding is at the tip of the axles, not in the middle, there is nothing at all clamped out there to put stress on, and worst case the extensions cracks off but there is no pressure on it anyway

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Just need fenders on , radio, some odds and ends and done. I'm going to make some 1/4in steel plates to go in between the fenders and rops so it supports em more and they dont wobble so bad, and also will make a plate to go under radio so that is more sturdy20230902_115929.thumb.jpg.5118bd999f9bc843a9513057937a875e.jpg

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