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97 F-350, 7.3


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I am working on it,---gonna take time to fix it. --- trans is the thing that is really annoying the way it shifts. might have to see if trans shop could set the thing to shift right. It used to shift at 1500 to 2000 all the time. (neighbors new 250 diesel shifts at exactly 1500 in every gear unless you stand hard on it, which there is no need to. I been helping him move stuff and drive his pulling his 34' trailer)

On mine at 1750 it is runnin at 55 mph --- 60 usually at 2100. Have no idea of what the axle is,--cant find tags or info. on it. It moves down the road decent when its running and I dont expect it to pull my trailers at any 55 or 60 mph,--no need to.

Its what I have and I just have to dump parts in it as I can raise the money to pay for them, then have them put on. I cant get up on the motor to work on it myself. I can do the oil check/add/change and trans fill/check. Uses trans fluid by the quarts and no leaks that anybody can find, so that is a " live with it deal" which I have for 8 years.( another reason for a manual trans)!! LOL!

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