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bitty's birthday today

ny bill o

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16 hours ago, bitty said:

I'm hoping a huge group sprung together on the 450 LP that Lazy posted the other day 😁😁😁 

Thanks.Β  I only feel two days older than yesterday this morning and it's a long day ahead, arrived at 6:15 probably going to 10+ tonight . Happy birthday to anyone else sharing with me. I have a zero on the end of my age again πŸ‘€

Auction ended around 1:13 and we got home at 2:10 am . My feet are soaked from the heavy rain (and hail) we got. Got a few things. My cousin met us there around 4 and stayed to the end. He cut me these on his CNC plasma table . I sat down various places during the day as it gets tiring. Best spot was this seat that sold for $2,500 ..... Pulling roll cage with a harness .Β 





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My daughter was in the play Moana and this is the one with she was to wearΒ 


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7 hours ago, ny bill o said:

so what was your birthday present(s)?

Will gather pictures once I haul them home but I got a parts 240 utility, 340 fenders and fast hitch ,3 sets of rear weights along with some stuff for the farm

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