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5088 Rear Cab Flashers

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On my 5088 the front two cab hazard flashers both work and both work with their respective turn signal direction. Neither of the two rear ones work. I have taken both of the bulbs out and both appear to be fine. I have even switched one of the front working bulbs to the back with no change. Last fall when I was testing everything, I could get my test light to light up on the rear wires but it was constant and not flashing.

What I have done so far is changed out the flasher unit under the dash with a new one from Mike at Triple R. Was really hoping this was going to fix it but it didn't make a difference. 

I still need to check the rear outlet plug to see if I plugged an implement into if the flasher has power back to it. 

Any ideas where to check next? From previous post it sounds like their is a connector under the upper fuel tank that goes to the top of the cab. I'm still a little confused how I was getting power to my test light but it was constant and not flashing. 

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I second the ground issue. Last summer we bought a our 7230 Magnum. Same issue fronts worked no rears. Ended up being the ground. Cleaned it up and all was good 

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The dome light on my 5288 stopped working with the door switch. Took cab roof panel off and mice had chewed off the wire to the light. Little $%&holes get up the roll bar and have at it. Plugged the tube and no more problems. Might want to check that out. 

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Just a quick update. I had time to look around today. Used a jumper wire to the cab and the flashers started working. Weird thing was once I did it to the right one it stay working even after I removed the little jumper wire. I had moved a bunch of wires around under fender but still can’t figure that one out. Regardless i ran a new ground wire to both of the rear flashers and ground it to the cab shell and all is fine.

I appreciate everyone’s help. 

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