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There's some discussion in the "IH Tractors on a Montana Farm" thread about steam tractors and how they can blow up, too. Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. Gas (or vapor) under compression is dangerous stuff.

I gotta say, the more I learn about boilers, the more I realize that they're more sophisticated than I thought.

Coincidentally, I'm doing a bunch of reading on local history, and apparently boiler making was huge here at the turn of the century. I live near the location of the Ames Iron Works plant, but there had to be about a dozen others over the course of fifty years.

Not to mention all their ancillary industry such as foundries, tool makers, etc.

Crazy how boiler making is relatively obsolete compared to when steam powered seemingly everything.

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There is still an interest in steam powered everything and I can see how it can be a viable transportation source when they realize the Green New Dealio is more of a utopia pipe dream than anything else. 

From the WSJ Commodities report 3/21/22 EV/Battery reoprt;

                                                                                                            Ask.         Last.    1 yr ago

BMI Lithium Carbonate, EXW China, =99.2% - V,K - - 76700 76700 12625
BMI Lithium Hydroxide, EXW China, =56.5% - V,K - - 71825 71825 9625
BMI Cobalt sulphate, EXW China, >20.5% - V,M - - 17729 17729 13485
BMI Nickel Sulphate, EXW China, >22% - V,M - - 6479 6479 5270
BMI Flake Graphite, FOB China, -100 Mesh, 94-95% - V,M - - 685 685 550


As you can see, the batts for the lectric cars are now going to be prohibitive to manufacture. All batts not of the lead acid variety require these and or other elements.

And as I was saying, the more I learn about steam the more light is shown upon the resurgence and interest in modern steam propulsion. Just one example


 I have been noticing through browsing the old antique tractors and steam eng. sites looking for info there seems to be more and more young people showing up and having an interest in this old machinery. So there is hope for our world yet apparently. But I do think modern steam usage has some viable uses in our world.

All in all tough, we cannot live in a modern society without the use of energy in one form or another. Grade school physics says that you cannot make one form of energy into another more useable form of energy, without the process using energy. IE: You got the lunch, now pay up, it ain't free. Unlike the Utopian world zero emissions pushers would like you to believe. 


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