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886 muffler


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Picked up another 886 in need of a few repairs a couple weeks ago one major department that needed attention was the exhaust it had some homemade cobbled together straight pipe snaking it’s way out through the hood and it sounded terrible and I’ve never been a fan of straight piped naturally aspirated engines so decided to go back with the under the hood muffler so I bought one of them high priced things now I’m having trouble getting it to fit and find where it’s supposed to go if anyone has any pics I’d appreciate it. 

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9 hours ago, Sparky said:

Well, dang it...I don't have an 886 with a 360 close to take a pic of. Hopefully someone else will chime in.


Hopefully someone will chime in it acts like it too big found out someone had moved the breather the the back side of the water pump when it’s supposed to be on the front side moving it helped but it still sits on the intake hose my other tractor has a M&W turbo on it so the only help it’s been is determining the breather location. 

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I can fully understand now why my hood has an extra hole. My first time seeing the original placement for the muffler. My personal opinion, I don't mind one bit looking past that muffler above the hood.  Just wish it didn't have the extra "vent" hole 😂😂


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