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IH Blue Diamond BD-282 piston rings

Old F-14

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I've tried the suspect places.  I need a couple .040 piston ring sets for the 4 ring pistons. Hastings, and the other ring MFG's have discontinued.  Have bugged Dave of Otto Gas engine works (that sells rings by size) for a few months and gotten nowhere.


Any sources to try that have a big stash on NOS IHC truck parts?




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41 minutes ago, 7288cdn said:

What are the other dimensions of the rings other than 40 over?

 3 and 13/16", Compression 1/8", Oil 3/16". Depth of rings aprox .15" (some aftermarket pistons were deeper)

Sealed Power was 5158KX, Hastings was 2C5241.  Both are no longer sold.

Not many other things use 3 - 13/16" bore

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I wish I could help. I have a .010 and .020 set on hand yet. If it helps the p/n for one hole is 138246R93 and a complete set is 110714R93. Just for kicks call a Navastar dealer and check those numbers to see if they have stock

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You could use rings for a bigger piston and adjust the gap to fit. 3 13/16 + 0.040 =3.8525. 3 7/8 = 3.875, 0.0225 too big (Chevy 283). Or 3.8 + 0.060 = 3.860, 0.0075 too big, (Ford 260 or 312). To get enough rings you might need to get two sets. I hope this helps.

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You could try calling Total Seal.  They may not be able to cross the PN you might need to cross reference by dimensions.

It also maybe possible to find a deeper rings and find a competent machine shop to recut the ring lands deeper.  There are ring spacers that can be used that can take a 1/8" ring land down to 1/16".

3-13/16" is the bore size on the C301 on the ag side.  That ring set maybe a possibility to cross reference as well.

Good luck,


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Shame ,Mr Hastings must be long gone,He would have sent the kids home,and made those up for you.

When I needed some,3.75, the bto xxxx 's line in production,said that was "their" proprietary size ,and not allowed to use "their" tooling to make.

Mr.Hastings said, when its says xxxx over the door,it will be you tooling.shut up or your order will be canceled.

arrived 7-6-97

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