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Iowa Tornadoes, nepowesheikfarmalls and DTfan How Close Were You?


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It missed the farm by about 2&1/2 miles, my place in town probably about the same. We were at the local Ike's for Mom's celebration of life, it missed there by maybe a half mile. Donnie, the manager of the club and a good friend, sent us to shelter after the smokers came inside. We wound up eating supper by cell-phone light, the food was great but the weather sure put a damper on the turnout.

If anyone is familiar with the 'Valley drive in', it took a hard hit. Friend of mine who's Dad lives at the top of that hill got hit pretty bad. 

The path seemed to be pretty narrow to me. If I get time I'll go take a picture of where it crossed one road. Hadn't heard it was an EF-4.

Not sure how Aaron fared, it had to pretty close to his work. Hope he doesn't have any damage.

Thanks for asking!

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Missed our farm to the north about a mile.  Watched that Evil black cloud swirling with lots of cloud to cloud lightning. Same storm took out a house and some buildings south of Tama.  Then a second strong finger of the storm hit us with heavy wind and rain.   No damage of any consequence.   We took shelter over at my parents house.   They have a storm room under the garage floor in the basement.   I was praying silently as Dad and I watched from the sunroom as it approached,  then we retreated back to the room with the others.  South a mile or so, the skies were nearly clear.  Weird.

Thank you for checking in on us!

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Good to hear guys, it's a little early in the year for this already. 

I hear Winterset, SW of Des Moines got it pretty bad too. Killed a few people. 



PHOTO: A tornado of at least EF-3 hit Winterset, Iowa, on March 5, 2022, according to the National Weather Service.

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Glad to hear you and Aaron didn't get hit. I was a few miles east of the one that put out the power. Someone said another touched down near loves east of me and headed roughly towards Rock Creek? 

    I had to work the next day and at 5 am I didn't see any thing along i80 and didn't think much about it. Didn't realize till Sunday nite that folks had died. Very sad. A coworkers niece is married to the nephew of the grandma where the 2 kids and there father perished. Was the lady killed as well? The grandma of the little kids? Still not sure on that.

We had no damage here. Was thinking about Mike's new shed and hoping he didn't get hit. Didn't think Aaron would be that close. Glad he didn't have damage either.  

Inlaws live on nw side of town and took cover due to strong winds. They lost power but no damage that I'm aware. Dewey that I carpool with and Mike knows had hail but no damage. He did find enough yellow insulation by his pond to fill his pockets.

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