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Crusty old dodge.

Missouri Mule

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On 3/6/2022 at 9:03 AM, Finney said:

You cant beat those engines, I have 2 that are 24 valves with over 300,000 on them and they are like the energizer bunny. I have a 12 valve with a P pump waiting in the wings for a project. Right now around here a 12 valve or 24 valve in a decent body will bring crazy money. My diesel mechanic just sold a 97 3500 with a decent body and  200,00+ for $25,000. 

Nope. Like a binder. If they changed the oil and kept the rest of the truck operating that's a pretty hard to beat rig. 

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The cummins eng family has been one of the most reliable engines of all time. I've driven commercial with them as primary power for well over 3-1/2 million miles, worked on, rebuilt, and maintained them for countless hours. I have friends with 05 version of the 5.9 with over 400,000 and a dealer I used to frequent told of a few trade ins with over 525,000 that there was absolutely nothing wrong with, they simply wanted a new truck. The trucks they re in fall apart faster than the engines do.

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5 hours ago, yellowrosefarm said:

That's the truth. My 98 currently needs a new dash, headliner, wiring fixed for the oil pressure sender, the door lock rod put back on and another drag link soon.

Yeah, thats the problem with all this new fangled "plastic" crap. Back when the dash and everything but the headliner was made from actual steel, only the gauges would break, and you could always weld on, or patch, a new piece of steel in the dash. The old style oil gauges, and they are still available, using the pressure tube straight out of the oil galley reading directly from the pressure the pump was putting out were bulletproof. No sending unit or wire to fail, if the copper tube got kinked, replace it, or the fitting leaked, replace it. Only the wearing out parts would wear out, and they could all be replaced. If there aren't any new plastic parts available you're pretty much out of luck with repairing anything. I'm afraid that this dealio we call progress isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure I like some of the niceties of the modern world, but mostly all I see is tradeoff from one failure to the prospect of even more failures. The more complicated our world becomes, the more failures we will experience. After all, If you consider the lowly wheel, well, it started out round and ain't been improved upon in how many centuries now? It's still round ain't it!

 And if we continue down this path we're presently on we'll all be learning how to farm with horses again. It ain't that I don't like or appreciate horses, I don't have the temperament for em, it's just that I like tractors better. Kinda Like kids, if they're around ya gotta feed the buggers. Tractors, not so much.😆

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