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Prayer Request for "Cooter", March 5, 2022, Jeremy Died


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   Jeremy Died at 12:05  today, The Result of the Fire Injuries, Thank you for your Support for our Family.

Jeremy Droscha "Cooter",    My Son,  Was Involved in a House Explosion & Fire.

There 130 Year old farmhouse, Had Black Pipe LP gas Lines installed around 1930, That Old steel Pipe Rusted at a Threaded Pipe "Tee" and slowly leaked a Plum of LP gas into the lower level of their Home.

His Wife Jessica, A school teacher at our local School System took Herself and two of the children, Mason, 10 & Hannah, 7  with her to school that Morning.

Jeremy and 4 year old Aubrey were in the farm.

Around Noon Jeremy & Aubrey Went to the Farmhouse for Lunch, Aubrey went to Her Bedroom on the Second floor at the front of the House,  Jeremy went to His Farm Office also on the Second Floor, (an Old Attic area He Remodeled with Drywall & Wall Decorations). 30 feet & 2 Bedrooms from His Daughter Aubrey's Bedroom door.

     "Fire Marshal Investigators Opinion is" the LP gas fumes Drifted through the lower level of the House, a Kitchen appliance Motor Ignited the Gas, Resulting in a Tremendous Explosion,

The explosion was directly under Jeremy's Office,  The Impact Removed the Three Outside walls of the old house, sending the walls 25 feet away.

The Office Floor, Contents and Jeremy Fell into the Firey mess below him, One end of the Floor was still attached by the Joist Hangers,

Jeremy Crawled up the slanted floor towards his Daughters closed Bedroom door,  Jeremy Wrapped his 4 Year old Daughter in a Heavy Blanket, And headed out the front Door.

Farming Neighbors across the Road Witnessed the Ball of flames exiting the rear of the Farmhouse.

The 75 year old Husband & Wife Ran to Jeremy & Hannah's Aid.

The Neighbor Tackled Jeremy to the Ground and Proceed to Extinguish Jeremy's burning Cloths & Body, 4 year old Aubrey was unharmed and stood and watched.

Our Eaton Township Hall is 2 miles from Jeremy's Farm, Our Local EMT Ambulance was stationed outside a noon that Day, ERT Driver witnessed the Ball of Flame from the Parking Lot and drove Straight to the Flames,     EMT's made the 911 Fire Department Call.

Jeremy was treated on the spot.

Neighbor's Phoned Me,..I was ahead of the Fire trucks.

I was able to Speak a few Short sentences to Him, I Think He Said "I'll Be Fine",

When I Last saw Jeremy in the Back of the Ambulance, He was without any Body Hair and Clothes , his skin was dark & bloody, The ambulance Pulled away from me with My Hand still on the rear window,

Jeremy was taken to the Burn unit in Lansing Michigan, then shortly Flown to the Burn unit in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jeremy is in a Drug Induced Coma where he will be for a couple of weeks, he Has a plumbing down his throat, his Lungs are burnt internally,

Jeremy's first surgery is today to remove the Fabric that melted into his skin,  The Back of his head, Back, Leg's & forearm's have 3rd Degree Burns.

Jeremy has 60% of his body in this condition.

       Jessica Droscha's Facebook Page, Has Most of the Current Health information posted there, 

If Anyone of you knows how to post this information in an easier way, Please Do,

I need to focus my time on Family. 

We Need your Prayers for Jeremy. 




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So sorry to hear this. 😟 praying for God's comforting arms to ease his suffering and to comfort you and the family. Praying also for his full recovery. 

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Good lord, prayers sent from VT, please keep us updated as you are able but not at the expense time for  your family. Prayers sent not only for Jeremy but for his wife and children and the rest of his family. 

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Thoughts and Prayers from IL! Sounds like they are lucky to be alive! A wake up call to us all to check our gas lines inside the house! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

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