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MX150 Turbo


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Can seals etc.. be put in the Holstet turbo in an MX150.  I noticed mine smoking quite a  bit this morning, looked around the engine and it is dumping a bit of oil.  Looks like it is coming out of the exhaust hose, as well as a little bit out of the rubber hose going to the air filter.  It does not look like a terrible job to get off, if the exhaust bolts come out.

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if housings come off easy u can get the center cartridge then put youre old housings on. most of the time just easier to take to a shop that does pumps and turbos and have it rebuilt. cant remember what engine is in a 150 if its a iveco they use a recycle pump and filter for blowby that if not taken care of will pump oil into the air charge system. have had 2 mcCormicks that customers had engines run away from them and castrophic failure to engine

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5 hours ago, hippy5488 said:

cant remember what engine is in a 150 if its a iveco

MX150 is a CDC, 5.9 Cummins equivalent.

4 hours ago, axial_al said:

Are you sure it is a turbocharger problem and not just wet stacking?

Never say never but a 5.9 with a Bosch pump won’t wet stack very quick.  I’ve never seen it happen.  

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