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This Has To Be a Record


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just happen to be looking for aaa battery tester and horseshoe close indoor counter thermometer today, 6 stores 10 kids ???

deer eyes.......5 minutes on phone....um try automotive and cooking.......".look on your phone and order from home"

lowes had 24' of thermometers  $2- $98...clocks /stations etc....over $10 they all need spensive little batteries.

anyhoo the brand is acurite correctly made in china, got 2 box's of $2-8 down,    EVERYone had a different china acurite temperature but within 12 *    so 65* is anywhere from 53*-to 77*

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6 hours ago, FarmerFixEmUp said:

My cousin took this picture and posted on Facebook. Anyone colder than this?


May be an image of road

Global warming my but!  I don’t want any of it. You tell your cousin just keep it there. 

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Looks like the halfwhits a macs lounge are posting the temps now... wha whaaa.

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22 hours ago, TractormanMike.mb said:

That is incorrect! There is NO WAY the price of diesel is $3.59 a gallon.

Quite obviously it is photoshopped with that gas price

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