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Is this a IH box?


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Found a 100 ih wagon with this box but going in my old ih info I can’t find a ih box like it. But it’s close. Only thing that throws me off is the stakes are on outside of bed. Not sure what brand it is. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks 









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   I think It could be restored to resemble an International Wagon Box,  IH didn't Stamp it's own steel for the Wagon's.

Our Dairy Farm had Used IH self unloading wagons in the Early 1960's, I think those wagon's Lasted only 2 years of every day use.

"State Wide" A Agriculture Wagon Manufacture & Distributer located in Leslie Michigan, Had Acres & Acres of Unassembled wagon Parts.

This company "Painted" assembled rolling wagon frames & Boxes any color that was needed.

"State Wide" had it's own paint color's, Many of these wagon running gears can be found under flat rack wagon's at auction sales in Michigan.

The "State Wide" colors were 1960 Case tractor Paint colors,  Orange on the axle hub's & tongue, Cream paint on most of the rest of the wagon frame.

     This same Wagon you are looking at was also in Agriculture "Ford Blue"!!,  

My 2 cents, Jim Droscha


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