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INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER at work on the farm pictures!


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I really enjoy pictures, especially IH tractors and equipment pictures. So since I usually come this forum hoping for someones farming with IH pictures posted and rarely have a pile to look at, I decided to start this thread. I ask that you share your pictures, but you are strictly forbidden to post a picture in this thread that does not have an IH tractor or piece of IH equipment in the picture! Pretty simple right. I have some to start and would like y'all to add yours. Now some of us have 15,000 pictures, so share some and then add some more later and more later and so on. Like our "Awesome Picture" thread, but these must have something IH in the picture.  Ready..... Go.......







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First picture, IH 475 21’(?) disk behind an IH 766. Both relics of my youth. The  disk was never normally used with the 766; my dad bought that disk to work with a 1066 that has long moved on.  I put the 475 and the 766 together for standby fire control during fall 2020 baling season. 
Second picture, IH 856 Custom with what I believe is an IH Vibrashank 45 field cultivator, there is no identification on it anywhere. Both are yard beaters. 



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Here's a few shots of the 10. Ones with the disc go back quite a ways, didn't even have the new paint on the duals! Also found a couple shots of the uncle's 706 with the Oliver boom from the day we moved a 226 Allis from my house in town out to the farm.









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