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756 front crank seal d 310


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No exp working on a 756, but plenty on the Nuess engines.

The seal sits in the timing case then a steel ware ring goes over the crank, did one a few weeks ago on a D239 in a 674. Most of the ware rings should have x2 1\4unc threads in so you can pull it of with 2 bolts and some sort of homemade  or brought puller. I get the ware ring out first, then get the large seal hook puller type tool and get the seal out. Get everything clean and put together. I think there is a service tool to refit the seal, but you know how its like we get by!

The seal should come as a little kit seal, ware ring, O ring, and dowal pegs.

Some of the 6 cyl Nuess have the front pulley held on with taper rings and can be a pain to refit and make run true if cannot get good access to see whats going on.

Sorry cant give advice on the job on a 756.




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Yes the taper rings can be a pain.  Get them in crooked and the pulley wobbles. I replaced the front seal on 826 tractors before but the bolster may have to be slid forward on a 756. My 706 with a 282 had to have the bolster slid off to replace the seal. 

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