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T4 - Engine Clutch Plate 635112R91 - Source or Re-line ?

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I am needing to replace the engine clutch plate on my T4. The plate is 10" with part # 635112R91 but not having any luck finding a new one. I checked with several places but came up empty handed. Does anyone know of a business that could re-line mine? Thanks for any information.

T4 clutch 1.jpg

T4 clutch 2.jpg

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Farmall Hs came with a  10 inch solid hub disk that had a grease deflector riveted to it because of the pilot bearing grease zerk .  the spline was an 1 1/4 10 spline, a Farmall M came with a 11 inch solid clutch  with an solid 1 1/2 10 spline hub  and the grease deflector.

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Doctor Evil - I found it odd that the clutch disc didn't have springs as well. Also, the H clutch uses a 1-1/4" splined shaft while the T4 uses a 1-3/8" splined shaft. Just one more oddity.....

junkandcattle - Thank you for the contact in Michigan. I will get in touch with them.

R190 / just Dave - Thank you for the technical information and source for materials.

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