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Solid state regulator for generator


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This subject brought back memories. Back in the mid 80’s I found this regulator to mount on the end of my generator for my ‘69 Harley early shovelhead. Never had electrical problems again. 


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To start with I invented nothing here. I just put together a bunch of parts. The tractor when I acquired it was 6 volt. I immediately converted to 12. The generator was assembled from salvaged parts from non functioning units. Regulator was a saddle mount fastened to Gen by hose clamp(part of the problem).

An externally regulated alternator feeds field current through a Regulator to the field coils in the alternator. The same as a B circuit generator. All of these Delcos that I am familiar with are A circuit. Field current is picked up at armature terminal. Goes through the windings to the field terminal. From there to Regulator to ground.

To make this work. I had to change to B circuit. I clipped lead from field terminal. Crimped and soldered eyelet to lead. Drilled and tapped 6-32 hole an inch away from terminal in case. Then grounded lead to case with 6-32 screw. Removed other lead from armature terminal and field terminal from case. Enlarged hole in lead until it fit over terminal. Cut side of insulator for clearance for flag terminal on lead. Reassembled with lead on terminal. That is the generator mod.

 Next was mounting solid state cutout and Regulator. Mine was mounted on generator so I drilled and tapped generator to accept. Removing pole shoes to avoid damage. If yours is mounted elsewhere it will work just as well.

I started with a Regulator for a 10DN. This tractor is magneto ignition so no switched power to feed fields. I used a lead from the armature terminal for switched power. Generator could not produce enough power to switch transistor that acts as relay. If I flashed between A and F terminals it would start instantly and regulated smoothly. I ordered a Regulator for the early Chrysler alternator. Success.

Wiring is Gen A to cutout A

Cutout A to reg IGN

Reg FLD to Gen F

Tractor battery wire to cutout B

Before some one jumps on me. This is voltage regulation only. No current regulation. I don't think it is needed on this one. Yours may be different 

I have a couple pictures if I can get them loaded.

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