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Looking for M&W hydraulic pump seals


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I am putting an M&W hydraulic pump on my H and needed to replace the old cracked shaft seals.  The numbers are easily legible on the original CR seals, so I went to motion industries and they gave me the cross referenced number of an SKF 7743.  Installed them and tested the pump, then this happened. It took the seal, turned it inside out and ballooned the steel.







The direct replacement CLEARLY are not the same thickness or heft as the original.  The guy at motion industries said they couldn't help because this is what their system was telling them.  SO, I spent hours on the web googling and researching trying to find pump replacement.  The SKF website says the "direct replacement" for the CR-507039 - 7443 is only rated for 10 psi!! 😡   More looking lead me to this SKF reference by shaft size reference website and came up with a 7449 which is rated at 50 psi; based on the pictures it looked beefy like the originals, so I ordered them.  I can't seem to find any seals, without a direct number, that is rated for more than 50psi on the skf website.  When I got the 7449's they don't look much heftier than the thin 7443.  I don't want to install them because I am afraid they will do the same thing.  Does anyone have any leads on hydraulic motor/pump seals?









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