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Hey guys does anyone know how to read this serial number. Guy has an engine for sale and is advertising it as a 436 but the serial on the block says otherwise. I know the top number shows it being a block from a truck. Why are there 2 serial numbers? Anyone know how to read the bottom number? He claims it came out of a 1460 combine


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468 is a "c series 466", just an updated version of the 467 which is an updated 466. The 466, 436 and 414 all used the same casting. It is well possible that someone needed a rebuilt 436 and that this block was used as a basis. However, I'm not sure if a 468 can be made into a 436 as there were some major differences between the 468 and 466, like lifters etc. I also read somewhere the 468 had wider main bearings, but not sure on that. The seller could also be wrong of course.

On the second serial, there was a thread on here last week about a 436 engine in a 466 block and apparently, some rebuilders stamped a new serial in the block? So maybe it was rebuilt sometime and stamped again? Maybe this is the case??

Someone here should be able to say something about this

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