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Anyone know the correct ez pilot platform kit to be used with 5488 tractors with an adjustable steering column.  The literature says a 5488 is compatible, but not with an adjustable steering column.  I read some older posts that a 71,72,89xx platform kit should be used on 88s with an adjustable column.  These post are going on 5 plus years old, so looking to make sure what guys are currently using to make this work.



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Maybe you already thought of this, but have you asked the manufacturer or a dealer? Maybe the manufacturer won't give you any "under the table" information for liability purposes, but the dealer should be able to confirm or deny, as they are the ones doing the installations and supporting the product.

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Dealer is not installing and they are not familiar with mounting an EZ Pilot in a 5488.  I thought there were some guys on the forum that added a pilot to a 5x88 tractor that knew which base kit worked with the tilt steering column 88s.

Worst case he said they would get both base kits and return one.



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