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Farmall H rear rims

1586 Jeff

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20 minutes ago, bitty said:

I have saved every rim I see that's only one bad spot on it. Take one rim to cut pieces to fix the first two

I've done that, can be a lot of work, (one I did was power adj.) but much cheaper than a new one! I also cut out rails from junk power adj. rims.

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2 hours ago, int 504 said:

I'm in Appleton which is next to Union. I don't know the axle dia. off hand as far as using the centers goes. Anyone know the sizes for H and M?

I know where you are I used to do a lot with Union Farm equipment and the JD dealer next door do you know Dave Gushie in Appleton?

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2 hours ago, Ihfan4life said:

These are beyond fixing as far as I’m concerned. 
This is a junkyard find tractor that was supposed to be sold new by my father’s family dealership. It’s probably a 20 year project for me 


Take care of @1586 Jeff first, I think his is a working tractor 

Sid by the one picture of theses are they 36" split rim possibly? 

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26 minutes ago, DWV said:

Rims and wheel pictured are double bevel from a 300, 350, 460, ETC. H has 2.5 inch diameter axle.

You are correct. This is what I saw that made me think it was a split rim like a truck has . Think it is just mangled there 


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The 504 has 14" 38's 15.5 tires. the axles are 2 3/4" diameter. 14" was by eyeball with tape. sure about 38 and I saw 5.5 so probably 15.5 tires. Tires aren't loaded so probably never were? holding air. Rims have some damage from encounters with rocks ?? not serious can send or post photos if any interest.

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