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Time at Mayo Clinic.


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...just read all these amazing stories......wonderfully   skilled folk who give their all   to help those in need.....and there are plenty in need.....

.....and then we turn a page  ...and read about a specific type  of person ...who is simply the personification of evil...nothing more or less....and there are plenty of them....

...sanity   does not gain recognition   via statistics.................but right about now...it seems  insanity   is the name of the  Socialist  game.....


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21 hours ago, DirtBoyz07 said:

We are only 20 min from the door , it’s an amazing place , they fixed me up 5 years ago when they put me in two new knees /the same day 😳 My wife worked there for just short of 17 years , it’s a great place to work . If you guys are visiting Mayo and need anything don’t be afraid to reach out .


Back in 2017 or early 2018 when dad was going to Mayo for chemo therapy I ask you if we could stop by for a tour. I don't think dad remembers much of it but I'll never forget the awesome tractors you showed us that day. Thanks again for doing that for us!!

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Have a young friend (19) who was at Mayo a few weeks ago for a cancer checkup and they found a tumor on his spinal cord of which there are only 3 surgeons in the U.S. who will operate on, one of which happened to be there for another operation which he postponed and within 20 hours of the diagnosis our friend was in surgery.

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