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I desperately need radiator hoses for TD-340A. Is there any place that sells them ?

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I had been using a small Chinese radiator and I took the lower water pump exit and had a pipe bending company make me a reducer. Understand, I expected the radiator water pump reducer to fail before anything else. I was using my dozer  I smelled something hot, so no sooner than the smell-the temp gauge pegged. I shut it down immediately.

I examined the water pump which appeard to be spewing- I thought maybe a gasket had just failed. No such luck. I found I had sprung a leak, and it was actually the cast iron housing, just about 4 inches down from the radiator fan bearing.

I have a factory TD-340 water pump to replace the one on the crawler which is leaking. I can change the water pump quickly, but I still have a problem.

One of the reasons I had a reducer put on the old pump was that I could not find a pair of properly sized set of pump housings. I am hoping that situation has changed.

This is a D-166 engine and it has a compression increase, D-188 heads and D-188 injector pump, steel shim head gasket. The D-166 head overheated before I bought it. I found a D-188 in an International backhoe, and it had a cracked block. Head was perfect, and the injector pump worked. I pulled the D-166, fully disassembled it, surfaced the D-188 head, surfaced the d-166 block, had Diamond Pistons make a new set of pistons(8 total so I have spares), I slightly increased the compression height,and had the pump rebuilt. This is one of the last TD-340A's, it has a DROTT frame and clamshell.

Please tell me someone makes or might have the D-166 radiator hoses in stock ? The top one(which feeds into the block) has regularly developed weather cracks so it has been cut down so many times I cannot make it any shorter or reuse it. The bottom hose is actually smaller than factory because I initially could not find a properly sized lower hose(the lower hose that fits a factor size pump is huge, about 3" ID). Now I am locked back in to using factory size and bend hoses.

If anyone knows a place that I might check, please let me know. Also, I had someone sell me a set of 340 wheel tractor hoses as TD-340 hoses but they were not correct bend or diameter.


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I have no idea what your hoses look like but will throw out this idea which I have used a couple of times when hoses are NLA. Have a muffler shop bend you tubing that fits the shape of your old hose and then just use straight radiator hose to connect at the ends. They can swell the end of the tube if needed to size to the rubber hose and you certainly do not have to worry about it collapsing in use. Just an idea if you can not find the correct hose.

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