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Bobcat T770 glow plug issue

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I have a 2014 bobcat T770 The glow plug cuts off too quickly when you unplug coolant temp sensor it will countdown normally dealership put a new coolant temp sensor in it did not change anything Shop ran all the test everything comes back normal but glow plug will not count down as long as coolant temp sensor is hooked up does anyone have any ideals Dealership could not figure it out (so $2500 later they’re returning machine to me still no glow plug…(they did replace fuel sending unit and AC blower motor in the $2500 but was still disappointed with all the labor they charge me N did not fix the glow plug) 




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The glow plug on my Chinese Rhino went bad & when I put a new one in its design was such that I twisted the hot wire off by merely tightening it in the manifold.  I found that one shot of ether just prior to turning the motor over makes it start immediately.



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What's this hobby horse Vic😲

And why after all these years are we just learning of this now?

To the OP question I don't know when society switched but there seems to be a never ending expectation to be paid well to never solve your problem, if you installed swimming pools and drove your equipment past their house would they roll out the Benjamin's for your half hearted attempt to deliver what they asked for, once again your better trying to repair yourself because no one has a greater interest in your equipment than you, I have learned this time and time again and when I forget just take something to a shop to reinforce what you already knew

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To your second question---I don't know!  As to the first these tractors, made in China were sold here (mine came from Jerome Idaho) as demonstrators.  Hobby Horse Ranch sold it to me.  Mine had 7 hours on it.  I got it in 2003 to plow my driveway but found out real quick that I needed my TD-14 & -14A with their blades built up 18"  to do the job.  It usually takes both to have one running come spring.  That Rhino turned out to be quite light.  I've bent the blade digging rocks out of my driveway & the tracks have to be kept as tight as a violin string to keep them on the rollers.  Good enough?


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for the most part (less than 50 yrs in business with original employees )stealers know nothing and the MFG wants it that way.

some of my best buys come from theirs shops back doors 5x more broken than in the front.

no easy to do ,YOU must do the research on the schematics and function of each part and then fix your self

gp timer,bad signal from x ,glitch in program as said, under warranty?

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Did you check for voltage at the glow plugs to see if there is voltage there ? Ok next,

Did you check to see if there voltage is present, 0r how long ? 

No Voltage !

What powers the glow plugs ?

A timer, Relay, or the machine computer ?

Timer can be bad. replace it.

The relay bad, replace it.

Does the wiring check out ok, or is one of the wires going to the glow plugs broken. Maybe a bad ground ?

Computer's timer needs to be checked for the heat up time for the glow plugs.

OR when all else fails 

By pass the current system - and you could install a new timer and wiring to control the glow plugs, With a push button to activate the the new timer system.

You will probably get an error code from the computer after modifying the system, but the motor will start and it should not affect how the equipment runs and operates.

Good Luck !



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