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TD-24 Needs a Home

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Not mine.. Met the owner once now, just figured maybe we could find someone who needs her.  So friend of the now owner and also PO of the 24 is the guy that put me on the trail of the 24 I have now..so he called to see if I had interest in this one. I dont use the one I have but I said yep because its headed to scrap and the price is right. Long story short I went and looked at it, it has not been ran in 13 years it is complete front to back right down to the crossover battery cable. BUT.. its about 5 gallons high in the pan. It has cans on the stacks now but im guessing it didnt always. Said to have ran strong no issues, as you can see the UC is very good. Owner has calculated scrap value to $5,500. Which I know he will from the local yard. I will not share owners contact info if your not wanting complete machine. If nobody buys it whole I will share the scrap yard it lands in.

241 (2).jpg

242 (2).jpg

243 (2).jpg

244 (2).jpg

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246 (2).jpg

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Hopefully it doesn't go to the scrap yard and someone will want it as is... looks like there could a lot of working hours still left in that unit ... 

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Sold one in around 2003 (bare) that was dead, guy bought it for the U/C for another runner he had, then took used motor oil and poured it down each exhaust stack, a year later it broke loose and had it running and then needed U/C for that one

Briefly ran his was a nice running unit, U/C has some wear on this one, tough to say if the engine will come around, nice with the blade, anything hanging off the back? I'd be surprised if a scrapper handed him $5500 if it was actually delivered the money always seems to shrink at the door

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44 minutes ago, IHCfarmer said:

So is the td24 still available or did it get scrapped?? Hope not!!

i was just wondering the same thing?

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I don’t need another project but if it is in Mauston Wisconsin that’s probably only 2 hours away on interstate 94 so it would be possible to get it home without too much spent on transportation!

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