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 I'm not sure on a steiger built tractor. We took a 466 out of the 3588 we had and the front cover was correct to slide it right in our crane truck

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I’m not sure if the covers are the same between that application, there are a number 1,2,3 bell-housings and the front cover I don’t remember how close they are because of the front mounted hyd pump on the tractor application. . You will know when there out sitting on the ground , the rear cover is no big deal the front cover gets move involved . If the truck engine your using has an inline Bosch pump then you will want to change out you pump , the truck pump doesn’t work real well in the ag application because of the governor in the pump . 
make sure you keep that pump drive gear and adaptor to the front cover , we use those for our tractor pulling setups .


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21 hours ago, Roblyn said:

Good day all 

Thanks for the reply

466 truck engine into a IH 4386 would have a truck type structure front end rear??

466 sits in frame similar to a truck 

A tractor has more of a side frame attachment 

Thank you 

A 4386 should use the early up to mid 80s truck front. Around 87 or later they went to gear driven power steering and stuff like that that makes front cover way off. As stated before the rear is no big deal. The front isn’t bad either unless you get a lifter pulled out and lost.

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